Software Downloads

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The software will run slowly in WinXP system, please upgrade to a higher version of win7

IDFile nameDate
20ZXWSoft3.3.0.7_Mini_Package(13.7M)- Microsoft Onedrive2020-11-27
20ZXWSoft3.3.0.7_ALL_Package(37.4M)- Microsoft Onedrive2020-11-27
19ZXWSoft3.3.0.7_Mini_Package(13.7M)- Github.com2020-11-27
18ZXWSoft3.3.0.7_Mini_Package(13.7M)- Sendspace2020-11-27
15ZXWSOFT3.0_INSTRUCTION_MANUAL.pdf2019-05-23 Upload
14ZXW-Demo ver. (iPhone3G) Chinese version download- Baidu Netdisk download2012-08-20 uploaded