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MicroFish Software support schematics lists

Introduction of MicroFish>>>>

 MicroFish schematic data support list, see the table below.

Some classifications and lists are not listed. Please open MicroFish software to check. The pop-up information box will have the latest data and updated log.

Some of the categories and data are listed below.


Mobile   Phone ClassificationModel Name
iPhone SeriesiPhone11
iPhone SeriesiPhone11Pro
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS MAX RF Chinese
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS MAX  Core   board  Chinese
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX  Lower main   antenna/auxiliary antenn
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX   Upper   antenna 
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX  Lower main   antenna
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_core_fpc
iPhone Seriesiphone_Speaker
iPhone Seriesiphone_USB  Charging   socket
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_startup cable
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_Earpiece
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX Volume cable
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX   Qualcomm   Chinese
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX   Qualcomm   English
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX Core board Chinese
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX   Core board   English
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX  Qualcomm RF   Chinese
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX  Qualcomm RF   English
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_intel_RF
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P_Touch 
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P QCOM
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P intel
iPhone SeriesiPhone7P_Touch
iPhone SeriesiPhone7Plus  Chinese
iPhone SeriesiPhone7Plus
iPhone SeriesiPhone7
iPhone SeriesiPhone6SPlus  Chinese
iPhone SeriesiPhone6SPlus
iPhone SeriesiPhone6S Chinese
iPhone SeriesiPhone6S
iPhone SeriesiPhone6Plus
iPhone SeriesiPhone6
iPhone SeriesiPhone5S
iPhone SeriesiPhone5S Mobile
iPhone SeriesiPhone5S Unicom
iPhone SeriesiPhone5C-4G
iPhone SeriesiPhone5_EVT3
iPhone SeriesiPhone5_PVT
iPhone SeriesiPhone4S
iPhone Series iPhone4
iPhone SeriesiPhone4_cdma
iPhone SeriesiPhone3GS
ipad Seriesipad2
ipad Seriesipad3
ipad Seriesipad4
ipad Seriesipad mini
ipad Seriesipad Air
ipad Seriesipad mini2
ipad Seriesipad Air2
MI SeriesMi1
MI SeriesRed Mi
MI SeriesMi2S
MI SeriesMi2A
MI SeriesMi3
MI SeriesMi3 TD
MI SeriesMi4C 
MI SeriesMi4TD
MI SeriesMi4S
MI SeriesMi5
MI SeriesMi5S
MI SeriesMi5SPlus
MI SeriesMiMIX
MI SeriesMiMAX
MI SeriesMiNote2
MI SeriesMiPad1
Meizu SeriesM8
OPPO SeriesA8(2FA149-0)
OPPO SeriesR9
Samsung SeriesA7000   
Samsung SeriesA9000   
Samsung SeriesA9100 
Samsung SeriesC128   
Samsung SeriesC130   
Samsung SeriesC1588   
Samsung SeriesC168  
Samsung SeriesC188  
Samsung SeriesC200   
Samsung SeriesC210   
Samsung SeriesC230   
Samsung SeriesC250   
Samsung SeriesC268  
Samsung SeriesC3200L    
Samsung SeriesC3200G   
Samsung SeriesC3212i   
Samsung SeriesC3212   
Samsung SeriesC3222   
Samsung SeriesC3300i   
Samsung SeriesC5180   
Samsung SeriesC400   
Samsung SeriesC6112  
Samsung SeriesC6712
Samsung SeriesD428   
Samsung SeriesD488  
Samsung SeriesD500  
Samsung SeriesD520  
Samsung SeriesD608  
Samsung SeriesD720  
Samsung SeriesD608   
Samsung SeriesD800   
Samsung SeriesD820   
Samsung SeriesD838   
Samsung SeriesD840   
Samsung SeriesD900
Samsung SeriesE1070    
Samsung SeriesE1230  
Samsung SeriesE208   
Samsung SeriesE258  
Samsung SeriesE3300L   
Samsung SeriesE338  
Samsung SeriesE350  
Samsung SeriesE360   
Samsung SeriesX450  
Samsung SeriesE378   
Samsung SeriesE390   
Samsung SeriesE418  
Samsung SeriesE530  
Samsung SeriesE610  
Samsung SeriesE620  
Samsung SeriesE638  
Samsung SeriesE648   
Samsung SeriesE708  
Samsung SeriesE720  
Samsung SeriesE730  
Samsung SeriesE750  
Samsung SeriesE770  
Samsung SeriesE788e  
Samsung SeriesE800  
Samsung SeriesE848   
Samsung SeriesE870  
Samsung SeriesE880  
Samsung SeriesE900 
Samsung SeriesG900F
Samsung SeriesG9009W   
Samsung SeriesG9009D   
Samsung SeriesG9200  
Samsung SeriesG9250  
Samsung SeriesG9300   
Samsung SeriesG928I  
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S7
Samsung SeriesEdge(G9350)
Samsung SeriesG928P 
Samsung SeriesG928V
Samsung SeriesG930F
Samsung SeriesG930V
Samsung SeriesG930X
Samsung SeriesG935A   
Samsung SeriesG935F  
Samsung SeriesG935X  
Samsung SeriesG950F   
Samsung SeriesG950U   
Samsung SeriesG955U
Samsung Seriesi300   
Samsung Seriesi339  
Samsung Seriesi5800   
Samsung Seriesi5801   
Samsung Seriesi6330C  
Samsung Seriesi718   
Samsung Seriesi747   
Samsung Seriesi7500  
Samsung Seriesi8000U  
Samsung Seriesi8150   
Samsung Seriesi8160  
Samsung Seriesi8160P    
Samsung Seriesi8190   
Samsung Seriesi8250   
Samsung Seriesi8330   
Samsung Seriesi8350   
Samsung Seriesi889  
Samsung Seriesi900  
Samsung Seriesi9001   
Samsung Seriesi9003  
Samsung Seriesi9010   
Samsung Seriesi9023  
Samsung Seriesi9050  
Samsung Seriesi9070   
Samsung Seriesi908E  
Samsung Seriesi909   
Samsung Seriesi9100G   
Samsung Seriesi9100  
Samsung Seriesi9103   
Samsung Seriesi9105   
Samsung Seriesi9108   
Samsung Seriesi919  
Samsung Seriesi9228   
Samsung Seriesi9250    
Samsung Seriesi9260   
Samsung Seriesi929   
Samsung Seriesi9300   
Samsung Seriesi9308   
Samsung Seriesi939   
Samsung Seriesi939D   
Samsung Seriesi9500   
Samsung Seriesi9505   
Samsung Seriesi997   
Samsung Seriesi535
Samsung SeriesN620E   
Samsung SeriesN7000   
Samsung SeriesN7005   
Samsung SeriesN7100   
Samsung SeriesN7102   
Samsung SeriesN7108   
Samsung SeriesN719   
Samsung SeriesNote3(N9002)
Samsung SeriesNote3(N9005)
Samsung SeriesNote3(N9009)
Samsung SeriesNote4(N910U)
Samsung SeriesNote(N910F)
Samsung SeriesN9150 
Samsung SeriesGalaxyS6(N9208)
Samsung SeriesNote5(N920P)
Samsung SeriesNote5(N920V)
Samsung SeriesN915P
Samsung SeriesN915R4
Samsung SeriesN9200
Samsung SeriesN9208
Samsung SeriesN950F
Samsung SeriesN950U
Samsung SeriesP100
Samsung SeriesP300
Samsung SeriesP510
Samsung SeriesP1000
Samsung SeriesP3100
Samsung SeriesP5100-3G
Samsung SeriesP6200
Samsung SeriesP7320
Samsung SeriesP7500
Samsung SeriesP7510
Samsung SeriesS189
Samsung SeriesS269
Samsung SeriesS300
Samsung SeriesS508
Samsung SeriesS3100
Samsung SeriesS3350
Samsung SeriesS3550
Samsung SeriesS3650W
Samsung SeriesS3650
Samsung SeriesS3770M
Samsung SeriesS5210
Samsung SeriesS5230
Samsung SeriesS5260P 
Samsung Series S5300
Samsung SeriesS5301
Samsung SeriesS5302
Samsung SeriesS5360
Samsung SeriesS5560
Samsung SeriesS5570i
Samsung SeriesS5570B
Samsung SeriesS5570
Samsung SeriesS5580  
Samsung SeriesS5670  
Samsung SeriesS5580  
Samsung SeriesS5670  
Samsung SeriesS5580   
Samsung SeriesS5670   
Samsung SeriesS5750E   
Samsung SeriesS5830L   
Samsung SeriesS5830i   
Samsung SeriesS5830   
Samsung SeriesS6102E  
Samsung SeriesS6538  
Samsung SeriesS7250  
Samsung SeriesS7530  
Samsung SeriesS7500  
Samsung SeriesS7550  
Samsung SeriesS7562  
Samsung SeriesS7562i  
Samsung SeriesS7562L    
Samsung SeriesS8000   
Samsung SeriesS8003  
Samsung SeriesS8300  
Samsung SeriesS8500  
Samsung SeriesW159  
Samsung SeriesW559  
Samsung SeriesW579  
Samsung SeriesW589  
Samsung SeriesW599  
Samsung SeriesW699  
Samsung SeriesW709   
Samsung SeriesW799  
Samsung SeriesW899  
Samsung SeriesW999  
Samsung SeriesW2013  
Samsung SeriesW2014  
Samsung SeriesW2016
Samsung SeriesX100  
Samsung SeriesX138  
Samsung SeriesX160  
Samsung SeriesX208  
Samsung SeriesX210  
Samsung SeriesX308   
Samsung SeriesX468   
Samsung SeriesX478  
Samsung SeriesX480  
Samsung SeriesX508  
Samsung SeriesX620  
Samsung SeriesX638  
Samsung SeriesX640  
Samsung SeriesX650  
Samsung SeriesX660  
Samsung SeriesX668  
Samsung SeriesX680  
Samsung SeriesX700  
Samsung SeriesX800  
Samsung SeriesX810  
Samsung SeriesX820
Samsung SeriesZ300  
Samsung SeriesF300  
Samsung SeriesT108  
Samsung SeriesT408  
Samsung SeriesT500  
Samsung SeriesT679   
Samsung SeriesZ308  
Samsung SeriesB5702C   
Samsung SeriesB9062   
Samsung SeriesB9120  
Samsung SeriesB9388
Meitu SeriesM4   
Meitu SeriesM6  
Meitu SeriesV4
E-cigaretteElectronic cigarette handle core board
E-cigaretteElectronic cigarette charging box schematic
iTOUCH SeriesiTouch4   
iTOUCH SeriesiTouch5
MTK SeriesMT6228   
MTK SeriesMT6226   
MTK SeriesMT6225   
MTK SeriesMT6575/MT6162/MT6620 
MTK SeriesMT6250 
MTK SeriesMT6589/MT6320/MT6628
BlackBerry Series8100
BlackBerry Series8130
BlackBerry Series8220
BlackBerry Series8230
BlackBerry Series8310
BlackBerry Series8320
BlackBerry Series8330
BlackBerry Series8520
BlackBerry Series8530
BlackBerry Series8800
BlackBerry Series8900
BlackBerry Series9000
BlackBerry Series9500
BlackBerry Series9530
BlackBerry Series9550
BlackBerry Series9630
BlackBerry Series9650
BlackBerry Series9700
BlackBerry Series9780
BlackBerry Series9800
NOKIA SeriesC2-00
NOKIA SeriesC2-08
NOKIA SeriesX2-02
NOKIA SeriesX7-00
NOKIA Series2020
Sony SeriesW20/W20i
Sony SeriesMT15
LG SeriesA100  
LG SeriesA108  
LG SeriesA190   
LG SeriesA200   
LG SeriesA230   
LG SeriesA258   
LG SeriesA350  
LG SeriesC300   
LG SeriesC320   
LG SeriesC330  
LG SeriesC360  
LG SeriesC660   
LG SeriesCT100   
LG SeriesD686  
LG SeriesD802   
LG SeriesD888   
LG SeriesE400   
LG SeriesE405F   
LG SeriesE510   
LG SeriesE612   
LG SeriesE615   
LG SeriesE720   
LG SeriesNexus4(E960)   
LG SeriesE975   
LG SeriesE985   
LG SeriesGB210   
LG SeriesGB230   
LG SeriesGD310   
LG SeriesGD350   
LG SeriesGD510   
LG SeriesGD580   
LG SeriesGD880   
LG SeriesGD910   
LG SeriesGS100   
LG SeriesGS101   
LG SeriesGS108   
LG SeriesGS117    
LG SeriesGS155   
LG SeriesGS290   
LG SeriesGS350   
LG SeriesGT500   
LG SeriesGT540  
LG SeriesGX300   
LG SeriesKC550   
LG SeriesKC910   
LG SeriesKC910e   
LG SeriesKD877   
LG SeriesKE820   
LG SeriesKF240   
LG SeriesKF310   
LG SeriesKF311  
LG SeriesKF510   
LG SeriesKG29li    
LG SeriesKG129   
LG SeriesKG195   
LG SeriesKG198   
LG SeriesKG271   
LG SeriesKG810   
LG SeriesS310   
LG SeriesP765    
LG SeriesP880   
LG SeriesP895   
LG SeriesP920  
LG SeriesP940  
LG SeriesT300
HTC SeriesG17  
HTC SeriesG21
MAC Series820-3787-A(15inch-Retina) 
MAC Series820-3662(15inch-Retina)
MAC Series820-3332-A(15inch-Retina) 
MAC Series820-00138(15inch-Retina)
MAC Series820-0456(15inch-Retina)
MAC Series820-3330(15inch)
MAC Series820-4924(13inch-Retina)
MAC Series820-3536(13inch-Retina)
MAC Series820-3476-A(13inch-Retina)
MAC Series820-3115(13inch)
MAC Series820-3437(13inch)
MAC Series820-00165(13inch)
MAC Series820-3435(11inch)
MAC Series820-3208-A(11inch)
MAC Series820-00164(11inch)
MAC Series820-3478(27inch)
MAC Series820-2828(27inch)
MAC Series820-3588(21.5inch)
MAC Series820-2784(21.5inch)