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ZXW mobile phone repair drawings support models list

View the list of supported models (Only part of the models are listed)

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Mobile   Phone ClassificationModel Name
iPhone SeriesiPhoneSE_2022(820-02524-08)
iPhone SeriesiPhone13miniCORE
iPhone SeriesiPhone13mini RF
iPhone SeriesiPhone13ProMaxRF(820-02401-09)
iPhone SeriesiPhone13ProMaxCORE
iPhone SeriesiPhone13ProRF(820-02397-A)
iPhone SeriesiPhone13ProCORE(820-02394-A)
iPhone SeriesiPhone13_CORE+RF
iPhone SeriesiPhone13CORE(820-02402-05)
iPhone SeriesiPhone13RF(820-02404-08)
iPhone SeriesAirTag
iPhone SeriesiPhone12mini RF+CORE
iPhone SeriesiPhone12mini RF
iPhone SeriesiPhone12mini CORE
iPhone SeriesiPhone12ProMax RF
iPhone SeriesiPhone12ProMax CORE
iPhone SeriesiPhone12Pro_CORE
iPhone SeriesiPhone12Pro_RF
iPhone SeriesiPhone11(with network and part number)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11Pro MAX(with network and part number)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11Pro(with network and part number)
iPhone SeriesiPhoneSE_2020(V3.2)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11 Pro Max(Trial model)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11 Pro Max_RF(Trial model)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11 Pro Max_core(Trial model)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11 Pro(Trial model)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11 Pro_RF(Trial model)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11 Pro_core(Trial model)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11(Trial model)
iPhone Series+iPhone11_core(Trial model)
iPhone SeriesiPhone11_RF(Trial model)
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max_FPC
iPhone SeriesIrPods wireless charging case
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXR_RAM
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXRAB
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS (AB)
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max(AB)
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max whole   board
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Whole board
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS RF
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Core board
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX  Core board
iPhone SeriesiPhone_intel
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX  Qualcomm
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max Volume cable
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max  Startup cable
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max Infrared receiver
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max_Earpiece
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS
iPhone SeriesMax  front   camera
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max charging socket  
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max  Upper left antenna
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max  Lower main antenna/auxiliary antenn
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max  Lower main antenna
iPhone SeriesiPhoneXS Max   Upper antenna
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_intelAB
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_intel 
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_intel_RF(820-00869-A) 
iPhone SeriesiPhone X  QualcommAB
iPhone SeriesiPhone X   Qualcomm RF
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX   infrared receiver
iPhone SeriesiPhone X  front camera
iPhone SeriesiPhone X  Infrared lattice
iPhone SeriesiPhone X  Distance sensor
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX  Upper antenna
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX   lower main antenna
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX   Lower main antenna/auxiliary antenn
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX  Charging socket
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX   Volume cable
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_Earpiece
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_Volume_Coil
iPhone SeriesiPhone_startup cable
iPhone Series iPhone_USB  Charging plug
iPhone SeriesiPhone_Speaker 
iPhone SeriesiPhoneX_core_fpc
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P_inteL_RAM
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P_intel(AB)
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P_QCOM(AB)
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P_QCOM(Inner line
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P  Intel
iPhone SeriesiPhone8P_Touch
iPhone Series iPhone8P_TOUCH
iPhone SeriesiPhone8_intel_RAM  
iPhone SeriesiPhone8_intel(AB) 
iPhone SeriesiPhone8  QualcommAB
iPhone SeriesiPhone8  intel
iPhone SeriesiPhone7Plus_intel(AB)
iPhone SeriesiPhone7Plus  QualcommAB
iPhone SeriesiPhone7Plus  Qualcomm
iPhone SeriesiPhone7Plus   Wire under the screw hole
iPhone SeriesiPhone7Plus_intel
iPhone Series iPhone7P_Touch
iPhone SeriesiPhone7_intel(AB)
iPhone SeriesiPhone7  QualcommAB
iPhone SeriesiPhone7  Qualcomm
iPhone SeriesiPhone7  intel
iPhone SeriesiPhone6SPlusAB
iPhone SeriesiPhone6SPlus(820-00040-A) 
iPhone SeriesiPhone6SPlus  Second layer trace under the screw hole
iPhone SeriesiPhone6SAB
iPhone SeriesiPhone6S(820-5507-A)
iPhone SeriesiPhone6S  Wire under the screw hole
iPhone SeriesiPhone6PlusAB
iPhone SeriesiPhone6Plus(820-3675-A) 
iPhone SeriesiPhone6Plus  Wire under the screw hole
iPhone SeriesiPhone6(AB) 
iPhone SeriesiPhone6(820-3486-A)
iPhone SeriesiPhone6  Boot-flash cable
iPhone SeriesiPhone6   Wire under the   screw hole
iPhone SeriesiPhone5C820-3581-A
iPhone SeriesiPhone5S  Mobile
iPhone Series iPhone5S Unicom
iPhone SeriesiPhoneSE820-00282-A
iPhone SeriesiPhone5820-3141-B
iPhone Series iPhone4S(820-3031-B)
iPhone SeriesiPhone4(wifi+Bluetooth module)
iPhone SeriesiPhone4cdma820-2766-C 
iPhone SeriesiPhone4(820-2548-B)
iPhone Series iPhone 3GS(2MV94V-0)
iPhone SeriesiPhone 3G(E187565)
iPhone SeriesiPhone1 B(820-2021-08)
iPhone SeriesiPhone1    A(820-2597-A) 
iPhone SeriesApple peel

ipad SeriesiPadmini2_4G(/820-4124-04)
ipad SeriesiPadAir_4G(820-3399-A)
ipad SeriesiPadPro12.9_wifi_2020(820-01797_05)
ipad SeriesiPadPro_4G_2020(820-01838-07)(11inch)
ipad SeriesiPadAir2_wifi(820-4550-A)
ipad SeriesiPadPro_4G_2018(820-01352-08)(11inch)
ipad SeriesiPadAir3_4G(820-01531-A)
ipad SeriesiPadmini5_4G(820-01495-08)
ipad SeriesiPadPro_2020_4G(12.9)(820-01798-10)
ipad SeriesiPadAir3_wifi(820-01529-A)
ipad SeriesiPad2020(820-02133-A)
ipad SeriesiPadmini5_wifi(820-01591-A)
ipad SeriesiPadAir3_wifi(820-01529-A)
ipad Seriesipad2018_wifi
ipad Seriesipad2017
ipad Seriesipad Pro3_4G(12.9inch)
ipad Seriesipad Pro3_wifi  (11inch)
ipad Seriesipad Pro_wifi  (12.9inch)
ipad Seriesipad Pro_4G(10.5inch)
ipad Seriesipad Pro_4G(12.9inch)
ipad Seriesipad Pro_wifi
ipad SeriesiPadPro_wifi_2020(820-01839-01)(11inch)
ipad Seriesipad Pro
ipad SeriesipadPro-4G  (9.7inch)
ipad Seriesipadmini4
ipad Seriesipad mini3 
ipad SeriesipadAir2
ipad Seriesipad mini2
ipad Seriesipad Air
ipad Seriesipad4
ipad Seriesipad mini
ipad Seriesipad3
ipad Seriesipad2
ipad Seriesipad4

Huawei SeriesMagic3(HN2ELZM)
Huawei SeriesHonor50SE(HN7JULAM)(Polygon)
Huawei SeriesP50E(HL3ABRMA)((Polygon)
Huawei SeriesMate20X_5G(HN1EVERM)((Polygon)
Huawei SeriesHonorX20(HN5NTNM)(Polygon)
Huawei SeriesChangwan20(HL1KOZM)(Polygon)
Huawei SeriesPlay5T(HL1WKGM)(Polygon)
Huawei SeriesNova9Pro(HN1RENAM)(Polygon)
Huawei SeriesHonorX20SE(HN5CHLM)(Polygon)
Huawei SeriesMate40(HN10CNMX)
Huawei SeriesP50(HNLBALIMVA)
Huawei SeriesP40Pro+(HN1ELSAPMP)
Huawei SeriesMateX(HN3TAHSH)
Huawei SeriesP50Pro
Huawei SeriesP50Pro(HN1JADEM)
Huawei SeriesNova8Pro(HN2BROTM)
Huawei SeriesNova8(HN1ANGTM)
Huawei SeriesNova6(HN2WLZPSH)
Huawei SeriesHonor50(HN2NTHM)
Huawei SeriesMate40Pro
Huawei SeriesHonor60(HN1LSAM)(Polygon)
Huawei SeriesHonorV40(HN2YORM)
Huawei SeriesHonorV40(HN3ANGM)
Huawei SeriesMateX(HN3TAHM)
Huawei SeriesNova8SE(HN1JSCM)
Huawei SeriesMate40Pro(HN2N0AHMO1)
Huawei SeriesHonor V30Pro(HL30XFSH)
Huawei SeriesEnjoy20SE(HL1PPAM)
Huawei SeriesHonor8 Youth(HL3PRMH1)
Huawei SeriesEnjoy20(HN1WKGMA)
Huawei SeriesP9Plus(HL1AVIENNAM)
Huawei SeriesHonor20 Youth(HL1LRAM)
Huawei SeriesMate30Pro_5G(HN1LIONSLF)
Huawei SeriesHonorV30(HL2WLZPSH)
Huawei SeriesHonor30Pro(HL2EBGSW)
Huawei SeriesHonor8(HL1FRDALIOM)
Huawei SeriesEnjoy20Plus(HL6FRLM)
Huawei SeriesMate9Pro(HL1ALONMM)
Huawei SeriesHonorV30Pro(HL30XPM)
Huawei SeriesAc1(2CC192-0)
Huawei SeriesHonor30Youth(HN1DVDMVD)
Huawei SeriesMaimang8(HL1POTM)
Huawei SeriesEnjoy10S(HL2LRAM)
Huawei SeriesHonor30(HL2BMHPM)
Huawei SeriesMate30_5G(HN1TASSLE)
Huawei SeriesNova2Plus(HLOBACALMT1)
Huawei SeriesEnjoy7Plus(HL2TRTM)
Huawei SeriesHonor 9 Lite (HL1LLDM)
Huawei SeriesHonor30Pro (HL2EBGPM)
Huawei SeriesEnjoy7S(HL1F1GOM)
Huawei SeriesHonorV9Play(H127410BISX)
Huawei SeriesP40Pro
Huawei SeriesEnjoy20Pro(HN1DVCMVD)
Huawei SeriesNova7Pro(HL3JERPM)
Huawei SeriesP40Pro(HN2ELSASH)
Huawei SeriesMaimang9(HN1TNNM)
Huawei SeriesChangwan8C(HL1BKKM)
Huawei SeriesP40Pro(HN2ELSAMP)
Huawei SeriesNova2S(HL1HWIM)
Huawei SeriesNova6_4G(HL2WLZM)
Huawei SeriesMate30Pro_5G(HN1LIONM)
Huawei SeriesEnjoy10E(HL1MEDM)
Huawei SeriesHonor9XPro(HL1HLKMG)
Huawei SeriesEnjoy10Plus(HL2STKM)
Huawei SeriesHonor 10(HL2HRYM)
Huawei Serieschangwan7(HL1DURAM)
Huawei SeriesHonor 30S(HL3CDYPM)
Huawei SeriesENJOY 8E
Huawei SeriesHONOR X10
Huawei SeriesHONOR Play
Huawei SeriesEnjoy10
Huawei SeriesNova7SE
Huawei SeriesNova7
Huawei SeriesEnjoy 9S
Huawei SeriesPlay4Pro
Huawei SeriesNova6SE
Huawei SeriesNova6SE
Huawei SeriesP40
Huawei SeriesHonor V30
Huawei SeriesNova6_5G
Huawei SeriesP9
Huawei SeriesMate9
Huawei SeriesHonor V9
Huawei SeriesMote10
Huawei SeriesNova4E
Huawei SeriesNova4E
Huawei SeriesHonor 20S
Huawei SeriesHonor Magic
Huawei SeriesP10 Plus
Huawei SeriesMate 10 lite
Huawei SeriesMate30Pro
Huawei SeriesP30 Pro
Huawei SeriesNova5iPro
Huawei SeriesMate30
Huawei SeriesHonor V10
Huawei SeriesNova5i
Huawei SeriesMate10Pro
Huawei SeriesHonor Note8
Huawei SeriesHonor 20Pro
Huawei SeriesHonor8A
Huawei SeriesHonor7A
Huawei SeriesMate30_5G
Huawei SeriesHonorPlay3
Huawei SeriesHonor 9X
Huawei SeriesEnjoy9Plus
Huawei SeriesNova3E
Huawei SeriesNova5Pro
Huawei SeriesMate RS
Huawei SeriesMate20 Pro
Huawei SeriesMate20X
Huawei SeriesMate20
Huawei SeriesP30 Pro
Huawei SeriesP30
Huawei SeriesP20 Pro
Huawei SeriesP20
Huawei SeriesP10
Huawei SeriesEnjoy9
Huawei SeriesWheat7
Huawei SeriesNOVA4
Huawei SeriesNova3i
Huawei SeriesNova3
Huawei SeriesHonor Magic2
Huawei SeriesHonor V20
Huawei SeriesHonor20i
Huawei SeriesHonor Note10
Huawei SeriesHonor 10
Huawei SeriesHonor 8X Max
Huawei SeriesHonor 8X

Realme SeriesRealme X50Pro_sub
Realme SeriesRealme X7Pro(2RA352-0)(Polygon)
Realme SeriesRealme V11(2AA006-0)(Polygon)
Realme SeriesRealme Q3Pro(2RA716-0)
Realme SeriesRealme GT(2RA702-1)
Realme SeriesRealme Q(2RA160-0)
Realme SeriesRealme GT(2AB064-0)
Realme SeriesRealme Q2i(2RA576-0)
Realme SeriesRealme Q2(2RA356-0)
Realme SeriesRealme GTneo(2AB050-0)
Realme SeriesRealme Q2Pro(2RA530-0)
Realme SeriesRealme V15(2AA726-0)
Realme SeriesRealme X50Pro(31RA292-0)
Realme SeriesRealme X(2RB002-0)
Realme SeriesRealme X2(2RB030-0)

OPPO SeriesK9(2AA186-0)(Polygon)
OPPO SeriesReno7(2AA290-1)(Polygon)
OPPO SeriesReno6Pro(2AA010-0)(Polygon)
OPPO SeriesA95(2FA272-0)(Polygon)
OPPO SeriesA96(2AA308-0)(Polygon)
OPPO SeriesA35
OPPO SeriesA55_5G(2AA066-0)
OPPO SeriesFindX3(sub)
OPPO SeriesFindX3(2CC208-2)(Polygon)
OPPO SeriesFindX3Pro(2CC206-2)
OPPO SeriesFindX3Pro(sub)
OPPO SeriesReno6(2AA012-0)
OPPO SeriesA93(2FA262-0)
OPPO SeriesA55(2AA006-0)
OPPO SeriesReno5Pro(2BD352-0)
OPPO SeriesA5
OPPO SeriesA32(2FA218-1)
OPPO SeriesFindX2(31CC160-0)
OPPO SeriesA53_5G(2FA278-0)
OPPO SeriesReno3(2BD282-0)
OPPO SeriesA92S(2DD300-0)
OPPO SeriesReno5Pro(2BD356-0)
OPPO SeriesReno4(2BD318-0)
OPPO SeriesReno5(2AA058-0)
OPPO SeriesReno4Pro(2AE008-0)
OPPO SeriesFindX2(2CC160-0)
OPPO SeriesA3(2DC098-0)
OPPO SeriesA72(2FA236-0)
OPPO SeriesFindX2Pro(2CC169-0)
OPPO SeriesAce2(2DD306-0)
OPPO SeriesReno4SE(2FA238-0)
OPPO SeriesA79(2DC032-0)
OPPO SeriesA73(2DC022-0)
OPPO SeriesA7(2CC063-0)
OPPO SeriesA11(2FA077-0)
OPPO SeriesReno2Z(2DD167-1)
OPPO SeriesReno3Pro(2AD098-0)
OPPO SeriesA83(2BD011-2)
OPPO SeriesR11T(2AB060-0)
OPPO SeriesReno 10x zoom version(2BD186-0)
OPPO SeriesK5(2RB030-0)
OPPO SeriesR15
OPPO SeriesA9X
OPPO SeriesA91
OPPO SeriesReno(2AD066-0)
OPPO SeriesReno3(2BD310-1)
OPPO SeriesK1(2BD193-0)
OPPO SeriesReno2(2AE002-0)
OPPO SeriesR17Pro(2AD055-0)
OPPO SeriesRenoZ(2BD230-0)
OPPO SeriesK3(2DD155-0)
OPPO SeriesFind X  Lamborghini
OPPO SeriesFindX2Pro(sub)
OPPO SeriesFind X
OPPO SeriesR17
OPPO SeriesR15X(2BD193-0)
OPPO SeriesA5(2DD003-0)
OPPO Series2BC081-0
OPPO Series2DA057-2
OPPO Series2DB001-0
OPPO SeriesA53(215029-0)
OPPO Series2DA001-1
OPPO Series2DB007-1
OPPO SeriesA33(215036-0)
OPPO SeriesR9km(2TD31602-0)
OPPO Series2EA017-0 
OPPO Series2DA011-0
OPPO Series2CB036-0(R9SPlus)
OPPO Series2DB015-0
OPPO SeriesA33215036-0
OPPO SeriesR9km(2TD31602-0)
OPPO Series2EA017-0 
OPPO Series2DA011-0
OPPO Series2CB036-0(R9SPlus)
OPPO Series2DB015-0
OPPO SeriesA33(215035-0)
OPPO SeriesR9S(2AB017-1)
OPPO SeriesA59S(2CA001-2)
OPPO SeriesA59M(2CA001-1)
OPPO SeriesR9S(2DB017-0)
OPPO SeriesR9(2AC0033-0)
OPPO SeriesA59S(2DA065-2)
OPPO SeriesA57(2BC051-0)
OPPO SeriesR9plus2BC1053-0
OPPO SeriesA37(2DA077-2)
OPPO SeriesR9sk2AB035-0
OPPO SeriesA37(2AA027-1)

VIVO SeriesS9(ET3042AMZ)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesS12(ET3066AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesIQOO3(Sub)
VIVO SeriesIQOO8Pro(ET3055AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesX70(ET3058AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesX60Pro+(ET3038AM)
VIVO SeriesX50Pro+(ET3024AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesIQOO NEO5(ET3046AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesIQOO NEO855(PD1936AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesIQOO Z3(PD18138AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesIQOO Z1x(PD2012AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesIQOO3(ET3016AM)
VIVO SeriesY53S(PD2111AM)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesIQOO5(sub)(ET3031AMA)(Polygon)
VIVO SeriesS9E(PD2048AMY)
VIVO SeriesIQ005(ET3031AM)
VIVO SeriesIQ007
VIVO SeriesIQOO U3X_4G(PD1928AM)
VIVO SeriesIQOO7(ET3040AM)
VIVO SeriesIQOO U3(PD2061AM)
VIVO SeriesY3(PD1901AM)
VIVO SeriesX60Pro(ET3037AM)
VIVO SeriesY81S(PD1732AM)
VIVO SeriesY31S(PD2054AM)
VIVO SeriesY50(PD1965AM)
VIVO SeriesX60(ET3036AM)
VIVO SeriesS7e(PD2031GAM)
VIVO SeriesZ6(PD1963AM)
VIVO SeriesY51S(ET3027AM)
VIVO SeriesY73S(PD2031AM)
VIVO SeriesY30(PD2034AM)
VIVO SeriesIQ00 NE03(ET3021AM)
VIVO SeriesS7(ET3032AM)
VIVO SeriesS1(ET2025AM)
VIVO SeriesNEX3S(ET3013AM)
VIVO SeriesX50Pro(ET3029AM)
VIVO SeriesX50(ET3023AM)
VIVO SeriesIQOO Pro(ET3006AMA)
VIVO SeriesS6(PD1962AM)
VIVO SeriesS1Pro(ET2023AM)
VIVO SeriesX21S(ET2014AM)
VIVO SeriesY93S(PD1818AM)
VIVO SeriesY5S(PD1934AM)
VIVO SeriesY83(PD1803AM)
VIVO SeriesZ5(PD1921AM)
VIVO SeriesY9S(ET301OAM)
VIVO SeriesX20Plus
VIVO SeriesX21(ET2005AM)
VIVO SeriesY97
VIVO SeriesZ5X
VIVO SeriesS5
VIVO SeriesY7S
VIVO SeriesX23
VIVO SeriesX30
VIVO SeriesIQ00 Pro
VIVO SeriesNEX dual display
VIVO SeriesX27Pro
VIVO SeriesIQ00
VIVO SeriesVivo Nex S
VIVO SeriesVivo Nex
VIVO SeriesX27
VIVO SeriesX21Li
VIVO SeriesX20A
VIVO SeriesY93(A)
VIVO SeriesY93
VIVO SeriesY85A
VIVO SeriesY75
VIVO SeriesY66BA
VIVO SeriesX20A
VIVO SeriesXPlay6
VIVO SeriesX9Splus
VIVO SeriesX9S
VIVO SeriesX9
VIVO SeriesX7Plus
VIVO SeriesY67

MI SeriesRedmi K50
MI SeriesRedmi Note11_4G
MI SeriesXiaomi12
MI SeriesRedMiNote11Pro
MI SeriesXiaomi Civi
MI SeriesMix4(sub)
MI SeriesMix4
MI SeriesRedMi Note10
MI SeriesMI11Ultra
MI SeriesMI11Pro
MI SeriesRedMi Note10Pro
MI SeriesRedMi K40
MI SeriesMi11Youth
MI SeriesRedMi K30
MI SeriesRedMi K40Pro
MI SeriesRedmi Note9_5G
MI SeriesMI10Pro
MI SeriesRedMi K30_5G
MI SeriesMI11
MI SeriesMI10
MI SeriesRedMi K40
MI SeriesRedMi10X_5G
MI SeriesRedMi Note9Pro
MI SeriesRedMi4A
MI SeriesMi5
MI SeriesMi9Pro
MI SeriesMi4S
MI SeriesRedMi K30S
MI SeriesMi 5S
MI SeriesMi5X
MI SeriesRedmi4X
MI SeriesRedmi5A
MI SeriesRedmiK30Pro
MI SeriesRedMI8A
MI SeriesRedMIK30Pro
MI SeriesRedMI9
MI SeriesMi 10 Youth Edition
MI SeriesRedmi Note9_4G
MI SeriesRedmi 7
MI SeriesRedmi Note8Pro
MI SeriesRedMiNote5A
MI SeriesMICC9Pro
MI SeriesBlackShark2
MI SeriesBlackShark Helo
MI SeriesMI10
MI SeriesRedmiNote5
MI SeriesRedmi10X_4G
MI SeriesRedmi6Pro
MI SeriesRedmi Note7Pro
MI SeriesMi CC9
MI SeriesMi Note8
MI SeriesMi MIX3
MI SeriesMi 9SE
MI SeriesMi CC9e
MI SeriesRedmi K30
MI SeriesMi 8SE
MI SeriesMi 8 Youth Edition
MI SeriesRed Mi K20Pro
MI SeriesMi Max1
MI SeriesMi Max2
MI SeriesMi Max3
MI SeriesMi Note3
MI SeriesMi MIX2
MI SeriesMi MIX1
MI SeriesMi MIX2S
MI SeriesMi MIX2
MI SeriesMi MixFold
MI SeriesMi MIX
MI SeriesMi9
MI SeriesMi8Transparent Discovery
MI SeriesMi8
MI SeriesMi6X
MI SeriesMi6
MI SeriesMi5S Plus
MI SeriesMi4C
MI SeriesMi4_TD
MI SeriesMi4_WCDMA
MI SeriesRedMi_Note4
MI SeriesRedMi_Note3
MI SeriesRedMi_Note2
MI SeriesRedMi_NOTE
MI SeriesMi3-WCDMA 
MI SeriesMi3-TD
MI SeriesRed MI
MI SeriesMi2S
MI SeriesMi2A
MI SeriesMi1

MotorolaMotorolaG7 Power

Samsung JJ7+(C710F)
Samsung GalaxyS20Ultra_5G(G988U/O/W/N)(Polygon)
Samsung JJ7(J710F)
Samsung JJ6(J600F/G/L/N)
Samsung AA02S(A025)(Polygon)
Samsung NoteNote20U(N986B/N985F/N986BR)(Polygon)
Samsung AA20S(A207F)(Polygon)
Samsung GalaxyS10_5G(G977U/A/T/P sub)(Polygon)
Samsung NoteNote10 Lite(N770F/FM/N/K)
Samsung AA03S(A037)
Samsung GalaxyGalaxy S10(G973F_N)
Samsung AA71(A7160/S/B)
Samsung AA30(A305N/YN)
Samsung JJ2(J260G/Y)
Samsung GalaxyS20U1 tra_5G(G988B/N)
Samsung NoteNote10+_5G(N976V/975U/O/8)
Samsung NoteNote20_5G(N981U/N/O/W)
Samsung GalaxyGalaxy S10E(G970U/G9700/G9708)
Samsung GalaxyGalaxy S10_5G(G977N/B)
Samsung GalaxyGalaxy S20_5G(G981B/G980F)
Samsung AA71(A715F/W_03A)
Samsung AA012(A022F)
Samsung GalaxyGalaxy S20+(G986U/O/W/N)
Samsung GalaxyS10E(G970F_N)
Samsung GalaxyS20+_5G(G986B/G985F)
Samsung AA01(A015)
Samsung GalaxyS10_5G(G977U/A/T/P)
Samsung NoteNote10+_5G(N976U_M)
Samsung GalaxyS10+(G975F/N)
Samsung NoteNote20_5G(N981U/N/O/W)
Samsung NoteNote10+(N9760)
Samsung AA7_2018(A750FN)
Samsung FGalaxy Z Filp(F700F)
Samsung AA20e(A202F/A202K)
Samsung AA50(A505U/W)
Samsung GalaxyGalaxy S20+(G986U/G9860/G986W/G986N)
Samsung AA10E(A102U)
Samsung AA10(A105F/G/M/N)
Samsung JJ7(J700T/T1)
Samsung JJ6+(J610F/G/FN)
Samsung JJ8(J810F/M/G/Y)
Samsung JJ7 SKY Pro(S727VL)
Samsung JJ4Plus(J415F/G/FN/GN)
Samsung AA8_2018(A530N/S/K/L)
Samsung JJ7(J727A/T/T1/AZ)
Samsung AA9 Star(G8850/G885F/Y)
Samsung JJ3(J337P)
Samsung AA2(A205FN/F/GN/G/S_03)
Samsung NoteJ2(J260AZ/T1/A)
Samsung NoteNote10(N970U/N9700)
Samsung AA71(A716U/U1)
Samsung JJ4(J400F/G/M)
Samsung JJ2 Pro(J250F/G/M)
Samsung AA70(A705F/FN/GM/MN/YN/O/W)
Samsung NoteNote10+(N9760)
Samsung AA8S(G8870/G887N/G887F)
Samsung GalaxyGalaxy S9+(G9650)
Samsung FGalaxy Fold(F900U)
Samsung NoteNote10_5G(N970F)
Samsung AA60(A600F/FN/G/GN/N/K/L)
Samsung AA9_2018(A920F/A9200)
Samsung AA40(A405FN/FM/S)
Samsung FGalaxy Fold_5G(F907N_B)
Samsung AA40S(A3050/8)
Samsung NoteNote10+(N976B/976N/975F)
Samsung NoteNote10+(N976B_N_5F)
Samsung NoteA51(A515FM/FN/FT/F)
Samsung NoteNote9(N960F)
Samsung AA50(A505F/FN/FM/G/GT/GN/L)
Samsung AA6+(A605FN)
Samsung AA71(A716V)
Samsung AA71(A716V)
Samsung Galaxy SeriesGalaxy S10+(G9750/G975U)
SamsungA SeriesA9 Star(G885S)
SamsungGalaxy SeriesGalaxy Z Flip(F700F/M/J/O/U/U1/W_M)
SamsungA SeriesA50S(A507FN/GN/5070)
SamsungA SeriesA80(A805F)
Samsung SeriesW2018
Samsung SeriesW2019
Samsung SeriesNote9(N960U)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S10(SM-G9730) 
Samsung SeriesNote8(N9500) 
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S9(G960F)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S9 Plus(G965F)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S8 plus(G955F) 
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S8 Plus(G955U) 
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S8(G9500) 
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S8(G950F)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S8(G590U)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S7 Edge(G935D)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S7 Edge(G935F)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S7(G930F)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S7 Edge(G9287) 
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S6 (G9287)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S6(G920V)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy(G9280) 
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S6(G9250)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S6(G920F) 
Samsung SeriesGalaxy 
Samsung SeriesS6(G9200)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S5(G9009W)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S5(G9009D)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S5(G900F)
Samsung SeriesGalaxy S5(G900H)
Samsung SeriesNote8N950F
Samsung SeriesNote7(N930S/K/L)(Polygon)
Samsung SeriesNote5(N920S) 
Samsung SeriesNote5(N920G)
Samsung SeriesNote5(N920A)
Samsung SeriesNoteEdge(N915F/G)
Samsung SeriesNote4(N910F)
Samsung SeriesNote4(N9109W)
Samsung SeriesNote4(N910U)
Samsung SeriesNote3(N9009)
Samsung SeriesNote3(N9006)
Samsung SeriesNote3(N9005)
Samsung SeriesNote2(N719)
Samsung SeriesNote2(N7100) 
Samsung SeriesW2017
Samsung SeriesW2016
Samsung SeriesW2015
Samsung SeriesW2014
Samsung SeriesW2013(REV06)
Samsung SeriesW999(12.22)    
Samsung SeriesW899(Rev1.5)
Samsung SeriesW899(Rev0.7)
Samsung SeriesW899FPC(2010.10.04)
Samsung SeriesW799(2009.11.04)
Samsung SeriesW709(2009.03.14)
Samsung SeriesW699(2008.11.06)
Samsung SeriesW629(2007.09.06)
Samsung SeriesW589(2009.10.15)
Samsung SeriesW579(2006.11.03)
Samsung SeriesS8300(REV.0.5)
Samsung SeriesS7562(REV05)
Samsung SeriesS7272
Samsung SeriesS5830iREV0.9
Samsung SeriesS5830(94V0.1140)
Samsung SeriesS5628(R04.100129)
Samsung SeriesS5230(4909.E2.08)
Samsung SeriesS3650(2009.03.20)
Samsung SeriesS3600C(ADP901503)
Samsung SeriesS189(2008.02.02)
Samsung SeriesS139(2006.05.25)
Samsung SeriesA910F
Samsung SeriesA520F
Samsung SeriesA9000
Samsung SeriesA8000
Samsung SeriesA7100
Samsung SeriesA7000
Samsung SeriesA5000
Samsung Seriesi535
Samsung Seriesi579Rev04
Samsung Seriesi589Rev06
Samsung Seriesi699Rev06
Samsung Series i809 
Samsung Seriesi8160REV0.6
Samsung Seriesi8190REV0.7
Samsung Seriesi8552REV08
Samsung Seriesi9003REV08
Samsung Seriesi9082REV1.0
Samsung Seriesi9082REV1.0
Samsung Seriesi909(1046-C3)
Samsung Seriesi9100(REV1.3) 
Samsung Series i929 
Samsung Seriesi9220Rev0.7B
Samsung Seriesi9300
Samsung Seriesi939REV09
Samsung Seriesi939DREV08
Samsung Seriesi9500
Samsung Seriesi747
Samsung Seriesi959
Samsung Seriesi9505
Samsung Seriesi9090
Samsung Seriesi9200
Samsung Seriesi8262
Samsung Seriesi9060
Samsung SeriesB2100(2009.05.20)
Samsung SeriesB289(2008.10.10)
Samsung SeriesB2700(08.07.29)
Samsung SeriesB7732(2010.06.17) 
Samsung SeriesB9120(REV12)
Samsung SeriesJ730F
Samsung SeriesG5000
Samsung SeriesJ120A
Samsung SeriesJ510FN
Samsung SeriesG532F
Samsung SeriesG7200
Samsung SeriesJ700F
Samsung SeriesJ500F
Samsung SeriesJ100F
Samsung SeriesL500
Samsung SeriesJ500H
Samsung SeriesG5309W
Samsung SeriesG530H
Samsung SeriesG7106
Samsung SeriesG530H
Samsung SeriesG7106
Samsung SeriesG3815
Samsung SeriesG3812
Samsung SeriesCC03(07-03.W6)

Mac SeriesA1466



MeituMeitu T9 Sailormoon Crystal Limited Edition

ASUSASUS Rog5_A(Polygon)
ASUSASUS Rog5(Polygon)

E-cigaretteIQOS New 3.0 Heating rod
E-cigaretteIQOS New            3.0 Charging case
E-cigaretteIQOS New One machine
E-cigaretteCharging board protection board
E-cigaretteElectronic cigarette charging box
E-cigaretteElectronic cigarette charging box

SONY SeriesXZP Chinese version
SONY SeriesXZ2P Chinese version
SONY SeriesX10
SONY SeriesLT29i
SONY SeriesL36h
SONY SeriesLT15i/LT18i
SONY SeriesST15i/ST18i

HTC Series830
HTC SeriesP800 
HTC SeriesS1
HTC SeriesT5399
HTC SeriesHD
HTC SeriesHD2
HTC SeriesG3
HTC SeriesG6
HTC SeriesG5(G7)
HTC SeriesG8
HTC SeriesG9 
HTC SeriesG11
HTC SeriesG12
HTC SeriesG13
HTC SeriesG14
HTC SeriesG14FPC
HTC SeriesG21


NOKIA SeriesC5-00
NOKIA Series5610
NOKIA Series5800
NOKIA Series6300
NOKIA Series8600
NOKIA SeriesE63
NOKIA SeriesE72
NOKIA SeriesX6

LG SeriesKG70
LG SeriesKP500
LG SeriesVX9100
LG SeriesVX9700
LG SeriesVX10000
LG SeriesNexus 5
LG SeriesG2

Blackberry SeriesHM3
Blackberry SeriesHM2
Blackberry SeriesHM1

Motorola SeriesME525 

MTK SeriesME525 
MTK SeriesMT6223
MTK SeriesMT6223P
MTK SeriesMT6225
MTK SeriesMT6225A
MTK SeriesMT6226BA
MTK SeriesMT6253 

QCOM SeriesQQC1100
QCOM SeriesQSC6020
QCOM SeriesQSC6055
QCOM SeriesMSM6050
QCOM SeriesMSM6500
QCOM SeriesMSM6800
QCOM SeriesMSM6800A
QCOM SeriesMSM7625
QCOM SeriesMSM6290


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